the crew


Pat Schenk, Owner/Skipper

John Glenn, Deckhand

How long have you been fishing?

“Since I was three or four”

Coolest catch?

“When we accidentally caught a wolf eel.”

Most memorable trip?

“When none of our customers showed up and I just went fishing with Tom (skipper of the Comanche) and I caught my first sturgeon!”

Favorite hobby other than fishing?

“Making music.”“

Four Sea'sons

Joshua Schenk, Skipper

Sea Breeze

Perry VanOver, Skipper

Steven Perkins, Deckhand

How long have you been fishing?

“Five years.”

Coolest catch?

“A mako shark when I was out commercial fishing.”

Most memorable trip?

“Shark fishing at night during a tuna trip!” 

Favorite hobby other than fishing?


Salty Dog

Steve Sohlstrom, Owner/Skipper

John Pearson, Skipper

How long have you been fishing?

“Since 1975.”

Coolest catch?

“I think it was 2010, I was out with Danny (skipper of the Nauti-Lady), and there was a gentleman who had been fishing his whole life but had never caught a big fish. We got out there and then his rod just started singing. He couldn’t even get his rod out of the holder. I started ripping line out to give it to him, and it was a forty-nine pound king (salmon)!”

Most memorable trip?

“Well actually, it was a recent one, we didn’t get a lot of fish that day, but when we were out there, we had five blue whales that were breaching next to the boat, and they were just slapping the water!” 

Favorite hobby other than fishing?

“House remodeling!” 


Tim Harrell, Owner/Skipper/Deckhand

Tackle Buster

Ken Piper, Owner; James Dollak, Skipper


Brian Alexander, Owner/Skipper

Office staff

Chandelle and Makenzie